Ed Sheeran’s music voted most calming to dogs

According to a recent study by Hillarys, a playlist that is most likely to get dogs to sleep consists of songs by famous singer and songwriter Ed Sheeran.

To celebrate World Sleep Day on 18th March, Hillarys analysed sleep playlists on Spotify and found that Sheeran’s music was ranked the top for getting pups to sleep. In particular, his acoustic number ‘The Joker and the Queen’ was the most popular. It was also revealed that this is because instrumental or acoustic songs are most relaxing to dogs.

Following Sheeran’s top ranked place, Taylor Swift came in second and John Mayer came in third place, so playing these artists can keep a pup relaxed and ensure they get enough sleep.

According to Carolyn Menteith from tails.com, for a puppy especially, sleep is very important in order to aid growth and development. For example, an eight week-old-puppy should be sleeping 18 to 20 hours of the day, with Menteith telling TeamDogs that:

“In other words, more than 80 per cent of their day should be spent sleeping. Sounds like heaven to me!”

Research was also conducted on the best music to help dog owners sleep, and the top three ranked artists were The Weeknd, Drake and One Direction.

Sheeran’s music was also featured on a playlist to soothe dogs on a pet-calming music video channel used last New Year’s Eve. The channel was meant to counter the firework noises which can be terrifying for dogs, and ultimately keep them calm throughout the night.