Elle Macpherson’s dog gets modelling contract

celebritylabradoodleWell they say a dog and his owner will look alike, so perhaps it should come as no surprise that supermodel Elle Macpherson’s labradoodle Bella has signed to star in a nationwide advertising campaign.

Five year old Bella is to be the canine face of designer doggie fashion site Dogside.com and will appear on billboards across the UK.

The 46 year old Australian supermodel otherwise known as ‘the body’ already has a cosmetics and lingerie range of her own and is pictured often walking her gorgeous dog close to her home in Notting Hill worth an estimated £7.5 million.

The canine modelling contract has been signed for a reported five figure sum, not a bad return for a dog model.

Apparently, Bella is perfect for showing off the dog bowls, dog coats, dog scarves and other doggie accessories for the stylish modern dog.

Dogside’s Flora Page said: “We approached leading models about their signing up their pets.  Elle is a dog lover and was top of our wish list, so we were thrilled when she phoned up in person to say that she would love Bella to be the face of our brand.”

Labradoodles are a cross breed between a Poodle and a Labrador retriever and Elle Macpherson is certainly not the only celebrity to fall for their charm, as Graham Norton, Jeremy Clarkson and Richard Hammond all have labradoodles themselves.

As we have seen in the past, sometimes advertising campaigns such as these with high-profile celebrities involved can spur a sudden increase in demand for the dog breed associated with them.  This might be good news for owners of stud dogs and dog breeders of labradoodles, but there is also the concern that these new dog owners are just buying a dog for the latest fashion accessory so these breeders should take care in selecting who takes their puppies from them now.

It was the same when Paris Hilton starting showing her Chihuahua around – handbag sized dogs became the latest fashion and many of them ended up homeless less than a year later.  With Elle Macpherson’s name being involved as her dog becomes the latest dog supermodel, are we in danger of seeing the same thing?


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