Essential health care for a dog

dogs-eatingDog nutrition is an essential healthcare requirement that is surrounded by a lot of confusion, especially if you are relatively inexperienced with dogs.

When you look at the many brands of dog food on the market, you will notice that there are some that are labelled that the ingredients are for suitable for puppies, adult dogs or senior dogs.

Pet food manufacturers will sometimes state their products ingredients in cans or packaging is ‘Complete’; that is, it is designed to completely satisfy every nutritional aspect essential for your pet’s wellbeing.

Nutrients needed by dogs include proteins, essential fats and minerals, and the required amount of vitamins can change, depending on a dog’s age group. This particular type of dog food should mean that you should not have to complete your pet’s diet with vitamin supplements.

There are lots of healthy brands of dry and wet food on the market that give great value for money. These brands are tailored to meet a dog’s requirements at each stage of his or her life. Quality dog food with balanced ingredients may cost a little more than the cheaper brands, but they help to keep your pet in good health, possibly minimising any potential visits to the vet and their associated cost.

There is a danger that dogs that eat food that is excessive in nutrients can pick up a range of diseases, precise amounts and balanced nutrients meets the needs of a puppy or dog at the different stages in their life.

Food guidelines are easy to follow; they are set out by manufacturers to help keep a dog’s immune system in good order. The result is a happy contented dog that is full of energy and in peak condition.