Essential vaccinations for puppies and adult dogs

Most veterinary surgeons follow their own regime with regards vaccinations for puppies and dogs. Each one will agree that it is essential that a dog has to have a starter set of vaccinations at the puppy stage, followed by a booster each year for the rest of their lives.

The vaccinations given to dogs are based on their professional knowledge and training. Some of the vets that have lived in specific areas for a long time have more knowledge of local diseases that could affect dogs in their area.

A simple task of taking a puppy, or dog, to the vet will save the dog’s life, however it should be noted that some dogs, but not many, can have an allergic reaction. The immediate symptoms of having a reaction to an injection are that your dog becomes listless for a couple of days and makes no attempt to be sociable. The symptoms could be shock and it is worth taking your dog back to see the vet to give you peace of mind.

However, more often than not your puppy or dog will be back on his feet after a rest, it is important that both puppies and adult dogs have their vaccinations in order to stop them dying from an untreatable disease.

While there is no guarantee with any pet’s healthcare, you can help your pet by taking out pet insurance and supplementing his pet diet with a quarter of a tablet of a Vitamin B complex each day, the week before his vaccinations are due.