Extreme colouring in

You may have heard of extreme sports, such as base jumping (where you leap off the top of a building with a parachute) or bungee jumping. They’re the sort of sports that adrenaline junkies do to get their kicks. They’re dangerous and exciting, and only for adults with a sense of adventure.

It seems that even children like the occasional extreme sport though, such as this small child who enjoys a spot of ‘extreme colouring in’. Rather than use a colouring book, which is so tame, he chooses to use a pit bull terrier as his canvas, colouring on the dog and around the dog’s eyes with his colouring pens.

I can’t imagine any sane adrenaline junkie trying something this dangerous.


  • That dog is a Bull Terrier not a Pit Bull. You can tell by the head its more egg like. They are GREAT dogs. There is one at the barn. Never had a single problem with them other than he will make your pants disgusting by playing fetch.

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