Eye diseases that can affect a dog

Dogs’ eyes are not like peoples’ eyes; they have been blessed with a third eyelid or membrane. The membrane is usually pink in colour and situated in the corner of his eye. This pink membrane is more noticeable in bloodhounds and spaniels and serves as extra protection for dogs.

If anyone is starting to worry, worry not as it is a normal part of a dog’s body. There has been a concern in the past from pet owners that their beloved dog was going blind but this is usually not the case.

Conjunctivitis is one eye disorder that both humans and dogs suffer from. It is generally caused when a fly or some foreign body has penetrated the eye to form an infection. Bathe your dog’s eye with boiled cool water (not hot) and take him to a vet for further treatment.

Eye ulcers are not nice to look at as they are abrasions that are common to dogs that have bulging eyes such as the Pekinese for instance. Ulcers are very painful and immediate treatment from a vet is recommended.

Glaucoma is a build up of fluid in the eye. The white of your dog’s eye will turn red and if not treated could result in blindness.

Eyes are delicate things in both humans and dogs, so see a vet if you notice any changes in your dog’s eye.