Family receives gift of Siberian Husky

A family in the Casnovia Township area of Michigan sadly lost their Siberian husky stud dog to a previous owner on Boxing day. To make them feel better after losing such a close companion in the family, a caring couple from the same area decided to give a warm, fluffy gift to the family; a Siberian husky puppy.

The couple, who breed Siberian huskies for a living, said how one of their dogs gave birth to a litter of pups at the beginning of November. To show their consideration, especially over the Christmas period, the couple offered the family a new pet husky free of charge. This came about after the couple uncovered an article in the Sunday paper from a family expressing their grief after their pet dog, for over a year, was re-claimed by the previous owner.

It came as a shock for the family, with their two young children, to discover their pet Siberian husky had been sold to them after being stolen from the previous owner. A microchip allowed the family to track their dog down, but unfortunately it left the new family grief stricken. That was, until they received the best gift they could have asked for.

Despite the sad twist to the story, the happy ending means the affected family is now living with their new pet Siberian husky puppy, who has been named Bella. This good deed brought a sense of Christmas spirit to both families and just goes to show that there is no better gift than the gift of a Siberian husky stud dog.