Female dogs and incontinence

You are in the room and you notice your dog smells of urine. If you have noticed this before and think it may be just be the odd occasion, you could be very mistaken and you should visit your local veterinary surgeon.

What to look out for:

  • Small wet puddles when your dog stands up after a sleep in her basket
  • The leakage happens at any time of the day
  • Your dog may be constantly licking her bottom
  • Her bottom is red and looks raw

As you can imagine this is not a comfortable situation for your dog as she will lick her bottom, causing greater irritation.

Constant bladder infections are usually due to the uretha being short and bacteria can form in the urinary tract.

The bladder infection will need treating; your vet will be able to help. Estrogen is required to keep a female dog’s bladder tight. If a female has been spayed this can cause the incontinence as there are no ovaries or uterus. However it can be treated.

If your dog suffers with this problem she may have to be treated for the rest of her life.

However there are herbal remedies which can help. Natural products are available and are inexpensive.

If you are not sure ask you local veterinary therapist or research the problem.