Fighting dogs increasing problem

Battersea Dogs Home has said there is a worrying rise in the number of dogs that are being abandoned and have shown signs they have been used for fighting.

The institution based in South London has had had two cases of dogs being abandoned with injuries believed to be from dog fighting is as many weeks. Both dogs had similar injuries that included infected wounds round their heads and scarring around the muzzle. A common sign that the dog has been used for fighting.

battersea-dogs-cats-homeHalf of the dogs out of the 6,000+ admitted to the home were bull breeds, Staffordshire bull terriers or a banned breed of pit bull.

One year old Rosie was abandoned at the charity gates in the middle of the night. She had serious injuries to her neck and face and was bleeding badly. Another dog Bertram was left abandoned on an estate and was found with an infected and torn ear. He was left traumatised by the events and was very nervous with other dogs and people. He also had scars around his face, a common sign in fighting dogs that they were restrained on a leash whilst allowed to snap at other dogs.

Current legislation on dogs means that the charity had a legal obligation and therefore no choice but to put the dogs down.

Dee McIntosh, Battersea Dogs Home said:

“We have to deal with the consequences of such cruelty and we fear that these cases are on the increase.”

Almost a third of the dogs have to be put down because of their injuries or their breed.