Fire fighters rescue dog from ice covered pond

Derrick and Patricia Thorman are a husband and wife from Washington in England. A recent trip to take their daughter’s pet dog, Macy, for a walk turned into a frightening ordeal. With conditions around the United Kingdom recently plummeting as low as -10 degrees, many ponds and lakes have frozen over. Although this has proven to be an exciting time for ice skaters, it is proving to be a major threat to pet owners.

As Macy ran ahead of the Thorman’s to chase a swan, the ice gave way beneath her. Despite Derrick and Patricia wanting to save the Whippet dog, they were helpless due to the unbearable temperatures and danger that lurked beneath. This worry prompted Derrick to call the emergency services, who turned up 15 minutes later.

Upon the arrival of a fire engine dispatched out of Sunderland Central Station, a specialist crew calmed the couple and began working to rescue the dog. Making use of a harness and a rope, the crew made their way across the frozen pond. Their equipment and specially made suits allowed the crew to travel under the water and retrieve Macy.

Although Macy spent almost 30 minutes immersed in the penetrating temperatures, she managed to avoid any serious injuries. The bravery of crew members in the emergency services left Mr and Mrs Thorman delighted at the return of their daughter’s dog. Damian Boyd, a crew manager at Sunderland Central Station, has offered some advice to dog owners during the cold days, saying:

“The ice can give way very easily, leaving people trapped underneath in freezing temperatures.”