A dedicated hotel for pampered pooches has just opened in Brighton.

Believed to be the first of its type in the UK, it has boutique bedrooms, a grooming salon, a pool, and a fully equipped gym.

This unique hotel is the brainchild of Matt and Leon Henderson-Rood. They had been running a dog centre for over 18 months, which offered a range of canine-care services, when they realised that something was missing from their list of offerings. People were unable to leave their dog with them overnight, so they decided to branch out and offer accommodation as well.

Rather than offer a standard kennel experience, they set aside four large rooms for their doggy guests. Each full-sized bedroom is designed for the dog’s exclusive use.

Both of the owners of the hotel, which is called House of Hugo, are well qualified. Leon has been using hydrotherapy to help dogs to recover from injury and illness, and is NARCH registered. Meanwhile, Matt is a qualified animal behaviourist and trainer. Their staff also offers Reiki and other therapies, as well as grooming to both overnight and day guests. They even cater for puppies.

The couple’s business journey has been recorded by Watch TV and the first of a ten episode series will air on 14th October. Their business mentor, Gina Citroni, is a dog-loving multimillionaire who guides them through the process of setting up their business and launching the hotel, as well as other services. In the future, the couple plan to release a doggy cologne, pooch clothing, and ice-cream for canines.