First steps of puppy training

The ideal starting point for training a new puppy when you bring him home is to practice getting your puppy’s attention. Your puppy may respond to you when you speak in a kind tone to him, but to really enhance future training you need to command a puppy’s attention and get the pup to understand when his name he is called; this way you’ll gain the ability to control his behaviour.

Teaching your puppy his name and therefore practicing how you grab his attention can take some time, so you will need to persevere. When you bring your puppy home, several times a day you need to take a few minutes to teach the puppy his name. Using toys and treats, you can attract your puppy’s attention and then call his name. As he looks up at you as you say his name, reward him. Always reward the puppy when he looks at you. By repeating this over and over again, the puppy will gradually learn that the sound you make as you say his name. This is his cue to look at you and give you his attention.

At first, you may need to experiment with what toys and treats grab your puppy’s attention best. You may need to put your puppy loosely on a lead whilst you train him to avoid the puppy running off to explore another part of the room.

At the same time as rewarding the puppy with a toy or a treat, make sure you praise him too. As time goes on and your puppy progresses, you will be able to use your praise as the reward for his attention when you call his name rather than a treat every time.