Five simple tips for bathing your dog

dog in bathWhen the weather is bad then bathing your dog can be an essential part of a weekly routine. While dogs love to roll over in grass or on a wet muddy lawn they do not like the thought of being bathed, so here are our top five simple tips to make bathing your dog easier:

–    Prepare the bath:  You might want to do this before you bring your dog upstairs.  Using lukewarm water fill up your bath to a height that is correct for the breed of dog but not too much.

–    Bathing the dog:  Always use a doggy shampoo and lather up your pet avoiding his eyes and ears.  Remove all the shampoo with warm (not hot) water thoroughly and repeat the process again with a smaller amount of dog shampoo.

–    Top tip – stop your dog from bathing you: once you’ve got water and shampoo on your dog’s body he may want to shake it off.  Hold the thick fold of skin between his shoulders (like a mother dog would) and he won’t shake.  Rinse off the suds thoroughly or the coat of your pet will look dull. The easiest way to rinse is by fixing a shower attachment to your water taps.

–    Getting him out of the bath: Stop your dog from jumping out of the bath by holding him between his shoulders and squeeze out excess water form his coat with an old towel.

–    Drying your dog:  Wrap your dog up in a larger towel, pick him up and place him on the bathroom floor before rubbing him down. Use a small flannel for eyes and ears with warm water and no soap, dry thoroughly.  If your dog is not afraid of the hairdryer then blow off the excess water or leave him to dry in front of the fire.

Note: your pet will want to relieve himself after the bath. Mind he does not catch cold.


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