Flea treatment for your dog

There are many different products sold over the counter to help with flea infestations on your dog, his dog bed, your home and an outside garden or back yard.

Some of the flea treatments can sting a dog that may have skin irritations.  Dogs have been known to react with a bite, jump on the furniture or even urinate all over the carpet.

‘Dipping’ is one treatment which can be used in conjunction with a flea treatment if your dog is over three months old. However do not use one of these dog products on your cat or other pets.

The popular areas where a flea will nest on your dog are the groin, back and tail areas of your pet. Try using a ‘flea comb’ regularly on your dogs coat once you have got rid of any major flea infestation.

Wash all the bedding and the dog bed or buy new. Add some flea treatment to your vacuum and do not set off the engine of the vacuum with the flea powder inside. The spray will be sent out in to the air and can be toxic for your dog.

Caution: always discard the used vacuum bag to kill the fleas. Rinse out the cylinder of a ‘no bag’ vacuum with a solution of borax.