Food dangers for dogs

Most dogs are generally not fussy eaters (just ask your slippers or your newspaper) and, inevitably, during their life they will consume food that you don’t want them to.

sick-as-a-dogWhether they find leftover food on the floor or just steal out of your hands, dogs will do whatever they can to eat what they want. However, there are some foods that have huge dangers to a dog’s health.

Most people know that chocolate is harmful to a dog as it contains a chemical called Theobromine that causes complications and, if a lot of it is consumed, death. However, there are other foods that are less common that dogs can become ill from eating. A danger for dogs that is relatively new is the sugar alcohol chemical xylitol, these can be found in sugarless gum and candy and the consequences for the dog consuming these items can be fatal. After just a few sticks of gum a dog’s blood sugar can drop to dangerous levels. They may even become lethargic and start to vomit.

Grapes and raisins can also be very harmful to a dog. If consumed in a moderate amount dogs can start to vomit and, in some extreme cases, they can cause Liver failure. What some people may think is a healthy treat for a dog can actually put them in life threatening danger.

These are some of the most toxic and harmful foods that you should be aware of when your dog is around looking for scraps. Your vet can give you a full list of foods that may be harmful to your dog.