Free Samples GJW Titmuss Dog Supplements

Over the last month, our two top dog reviewers have been trying out some lovely free samples of dog supplements from GJW Titmuss Pet Supplies! Shih tzus Bailey and Ouzo report.

We received samples of Immune Aid, Joint Aid and Condition Aid – each of which helps with a different aspect of a dog’s healthy life. Immune Aid helps with digestion and keeping a healthy coat and skin; Joint Aid aims to help with movement and flexibility and Condition Aid designed to keep a dog physically fit and help to keep away any internal parasites that might be picked up. Each packet contains around a 20 day supply.

Bailey and Ouzo are both seven year old shih tzus; Bailey’s mission was to try Immune Aid and Ouzo was tasked with Joint Aid.

BaileyCase 1: Bailey – Immune Aid

We should point out that Bailey loves to bounce around a lot and is very active, but she does have a dodgy tummy. It’s not unusual for Lianne to come home from work and once or twice a week find that Bailey has been sick by the back door.

Verdict: Impressed

When Lianne first opened the Immune Aid pouch, she commented:

They look like just like gravy granules and although Bailey isn’t a fussy eater, I did wonder if she’d take it. It says on the packet to sprinkle over the dog’s normal food, but on most days, Bailey will eat fresh chicken pieces in the morning with complete dog food and a similar meal in the evening. When the granules were sprinkled on her normal food, she wouldn’t take it but, just like gravy if you add a little warm water, it becomes a gravy-like substance – and there was no stopping her then!

More importantly, after the first 10 days, Bailey has only been sick once – and to be fair, she’d probably eaten too many treats! We’ll carry on with Immune Aid and see how it goes, but if it stops Bailey being sick every week or even just reduces the number of times she’s sick, then Bailey will be sticking to her new supplement.

ouzoCase 2: Ouzo – Joint Aid

When Ouzo was a puppy, she was unfortunate enough to break her back left leg, so keeping an eye on Ouzo’s joints is important to her owner Viv as she becomes older. Seven years old isn’t old yet but it’s never too early to start looking after your joints. Ouzo is also a very fussy eater…

Verdict: Pretty Darn Good

When Viv opened the sample packet, she really didn’t think Ouzo would take the granules at all. Much like Bailey, Ouzo’s diet consists of complete dry food with the odd tin of dog food every now and then.

True to form, with a sprinkling on her dry food Ouzo wasn’t having any of it – but she sure chomped it up when it was on her tinned dog food and when it was made into a liquid mix, she actually seemed to eat her biscuits with a little more relish than before.

Having been quite sceptical about the idea of dog supplements, Viv was pleasantly surprised to find that after the first week Ouzo seemed to be keener on going for her walks and was much livelier. It seems all those extra minerals and vitamins and stuff in the pouches must actually do something!