Fun at the vets for your puppy

Your vet is going to be a partner in your puppy’s life and it is important they have a good relationship. Trusting his veterinary surgeon will have a calming effect on your puppy.

When you receive your puppy, take him to the vets and introduce him to everyone.  The fuss he receives from the staff will soon have him feeling secure and welcome.

It has been said that rubbing your puppy’s stomach whilst sitting in the waiting area will calm him down as it reminds him of his mothers tongue licking him.  You can also talk to him and distract him with a soft toy if he starts to show signs of nervousness.

Do not stay too long as he is not used to other animals yet.  Praise him for being good and give him a small treat.  You have already started his puppy training by praise and reward.

Puppy’s diary:

•    Introduce your puppy to his vet within a day or two of him being in your home for a general health check. Carry him and do not place him on the pavement unless he has already had all of his injections.

•    Have the vet check him out and make sure the meeting is fun.  If you are nervous, your puppy will sense it.

•    Arrange a date for his vaccinations

Make sure you have a list of questions for your veterinary surgeon with regard to your puppy’s health to put your mind at ease.