Garden problems for puppies

If you are a keen gardener and you love spending time in the garden, then spare a thought for your puppy to ensure he enjoys his time spent in the garden.  Here are a few areas to check to make sure the garden is safe for a puppy:

Poisonous plants:

Mischievous little puppies will smell all the different plants and bushes, not realising they can be poisonous and dangerous to their health.  Not all plants mix well with puppies so ask your local RSPCA centre or vet for a list of poisonous plants and bushes.


Once you have decided you are going to bring a puppy in to your home make sure the outer perimeter is safe.  Check your fencing to see if there are any gaps where your puppy will squeeze through.

Keeping paws safe:

While you are waking around your garden look to see if there are dangerous objects around which can cut or hurt your puppy.


Place stickers on green-houses or glass doors until your puppy knows the glass is there and he doesn’t make the mistake of running into the glass – funny though that is, he can hurt himself.


Puppies are usually intrigued by water, so make sure you have netting or keep a very close eye on him when near any water.  Although dogs can swim by nature, they aren’t always strong enough to get themselves out or swim for very long.

Following these guidelines will make sure your garden is safe for your puppy.