George Bush’s dog bites journalist

He may have only a few weeks left in the White House, but he’s not going quietly. No, not George Bush, his dog Barney. With all the talk at the moment being about what dog Barack Obama will choose for his First Dog, the current First Dog wants some media attention of his own.

With that in mind he’s bitten a reporter, live on TV. Barney, a Scottish Terrier, bit out at a Reuters TV journalist, biting his finger as he foolishly tried to pet the president’s dog.

The reporter, Jonathan Decker, stated:

He totally got me.

Totally broke my skin. Well, now I have a story to tell.

The incident occurred within the grounds of the White House as Barney was being taken for a walk. Medical staff at the White House treated the reporter, bandaging his wound.

Hopefully whichever dog breed Obama chooses for his First Dog will be friendlier than George Bush’s.