German dog speaks

If you were going to place a bet on where in the world the first dog who learned to talk would come from, Germany would be near the top of the list. The Germans tend to be the first to everything, and a dog in Germany has actually learned to talk.

True, he only says one word, and that word is ‘Mamma’. The dog’s name is Armani, and his ‘speaking’ has become the most downloaded video in Germany. Armani is even expected to make some appearances on talk shows in Germany, presumably where all of the questions illicit the answer ‘mammy’.

The dog’s owner, Zouleykha Kogan, has spent all week responding to fan mail for the talking dog, who lives with his owner in Berlin.

Armani has already appeared on German radio, talking about his amazing talent, albeit very briefly.

Frau Kogan spoke about her talented dog:

He’s a clever dog who does a lot of tricks, but this is the one that had made him famous.

Expert opinions are very much divided on the dog’s ability to ‘talk’, and whether the growling sound the dog makes actually sounds like ‘mammy’.

What do you think?