Give your dog a home health check

There are a couple of easy ways to stop your dog from suffering a certain amount of pain by taking time to give your pet a home health check.

The dew claw is like a thumb that is located on the side of your dog’s front legs and on some occasions on their back legs too.

The dew claw is part of natural history and a dog’s evolution. Sometimes they can grow inward and cause your pet to be in pain and will need removing.

Some pet owners ask their vet to remove them as a precautionary measure, especial if their dog is used as a working dog, but this is usually done at the puppy age.

If you have decided to leave your dog with his dew claw then it must be kept trimmed along with your dog’s other nails and any accumulated dirt or hair removed. This procedure is usually done when you take your dog to the groomers.

A dog’s feet can have problems with hair growing between their toes. Seeds of grass or dirt that has been picked up on their daily walks will stay in between the toes and can become a painful issue.

Checking your dog’s feet after his daily walk takes two or three minutes but can save a lot of pain for your dog and expense for you with vets fees.