Giving your dog a massage

Adults (particularly women) love to take time to pamper themselves, such as having their body massaged and their hair cut, as it make them feel good. Pampering your puppy or adult dog with a massage, or having their fur coat cut and blow dried by a professional dog groomer, is also beneficial for both dog and owner.

It may seem strange at first, but massaging your dog is something that can be easily done on a daily basis at home. It helps dogs and owners form a bond, but more importantly it gives you an idea of the condition of your dog’s body and the quality of their health.

How to massage your dog:

Lightly circle your hands around your dog’s neck and shoulders, feeling all the time for any unusual lumps or bumps. Move downwards, never upward. Go down your dog’s shoulders to the chest area and then to their bottom and legs.

Feeling the paws and checking the pads for any signs of unwanted cuts is made easy by massage.

Once you give your puppy, or adult dog, a massage on a regular basis, maybe in front of the TV, you will find that your dog is ready for their next therapy treatment the minute you settle on your settee.

Top tips to ask your dog groomer to include in your pet’s monthly pampering:

  • Shampoo and bathe your pet with a product for sensitive skin
  • Toenails to be trimmed and any hair in the lobe of your pet’s ears needs removing
  • If your dog groomer offers a service of emptying a dogs anal glands, so much the better