Grandmother raises 250 puppies to aid the blind

Dogs have always been the perfect companion but Carol Evans, a grandmother from Stourbridge in the West Midlands, has noticed the potential that canines have for assisting people with blindness and partial sight. As if being a grandmother isn’t enough, Mrs Evans is also devoting her time to breeding puppies for the Guide Dogs charity. The 57-year-old dog lover said:

“I love dog breeding and doing it for Guide Dogs, I know that the dogs will be well looked after and loved.”

Mrs Evans is the proud owner of three-year-old Clare, a Labrador retriever. Due to Carol caring for descendants of her previous pet dogs earlier in life, her passion for breeding has grown over time. Just a few days ago Clare gave birth to eight healthy puppies, all of which will be cared for and trained to help the charity Guide Dogs. As the puppies adjust to the new world they have been brought into, they are fed with nutritious dry foods at numerous points each day. As time progresses and the puppies become strong and able to gain independence, Carol the brood bitch holder will pass them on to puppy walkers.

Puppy walkers are experienced in training dogs from the age of six weeks old and upwards. Exposure to brand new scents, sounds and textures will help the dogs to gear up for a life as a fully trained guide dog. Mrs Evans continues to make a difference to those people who suffer with sight problems on a daily basis and with it being such a rewarding experience, there will surely be plenty more new-born puppies making their way into the world in the near future.