Grooming a fidgeting and wriggling puppy can be a bit of a challenge, although it is essential that you keep on top of this to ensure that your little puppy stays healthy, free from infections and is comfortable in his fur. However, learning how to do this can be very difficult, particularly if you have not owned a dog before, as it can be easy to injure your little puppy if you cannot control him when grooming.

Be careful about what utensils you are using to groom the puppy – for example, clippers or scissors. If you use anything too sharp, you may accidently hurt your puppy if he moves unexpectedly when you are clipping his fur. To try to keep a puppy calm, it can be easier to swaddle him in a blanket to control his paws while you clip the delicate areas around your puppy’s face. When the puppy is more relaxed in the blanket, you can then unravel the blanket and reveal different parts of the puppy to groom any knots or tangles with a brush and then scissors to cut any overgrown hair.

The main tip is to stay calm and in control as you handle your puppy, as this will help to relax him. He will know that you are confident and this will make your job a lot easier. In time, the puppy will begin to enjoy the grooming experience and it will become a great bonding time for you and your new pet.