Guide dogs allowed to fly from more airports

The EU introduced new regulations on July 26th that are designed to cater for disabled passengers, and among the regulations is a plan to allow blind passengers to travel with their guide dogs from more UK based airports.

Currently guide dogs are only allowed on planes from the following airports: Glasgow, Heathrow, Doncaster, Sheffield and Manchester. After this new move it is hoped that a further 11 airports will, by law, have to cater for guide dogs.

Among the new airports that may have to cater for guide dogs are Cardiff, Belfast, Luton and London City.

Clive Wood, from Guide Dogs for the Blind, stated:

Before this, a blind person living in Exeter would have to incur the expense and time of travelling to London for a flight. This will help blind people have the same travel options as everyone else.

Guide Dogs for the Blind have already been working on trial at Glasgow airport to allow guide dogs to board flights with the aid of trained check in staff.