Guide to buying a puppy

It can be difficult to choose the correct puppy as they are all cute and lovely with their adorable eyes and appealing nature when they’re puppies, but are they suitable to your lifestyle?

Here is a list of a few tips for buying a puppy which should prove useful.

  • Never buy a puppy on the spur of the moment. Make sure you have a bed, food bowls, lead, collar, puppy food and of course toys ready for your new member of your family.
  • A nice doggie blanket and a couple of jumpers which have been worn by yourself in the dog bed will bring comfort to your puppy.
  • Buy from a registered dog breeder if possible.
  • Visit the dog breeder or the owner of the bitch if possible. This gives you chance to check if the home is clean and to ask questions about the diet and if the puppy is toilet trained.
  • If buying through an advertisement in the paper check to see if you can see the bitch. Good homes will allow you to see the bitch.
  • Most home breeders will be able to help with advice on the dog’s diet and how to look after their particular breed.
  • If buying from a dog rescue home ask about the puppy and how large it will grow and if there is any special diet or medical care required.
  • If a puppy is sitting in a corner and has no energy, ask if the puppy has been mis-treated as it may have behaviour issues.