Halloween dog costumes

It’s the time of year once again when people like to dress up as ghouls and ghosts and dispense candy to children who come knocking at the door. For animals though, Halloween is usually a time when they have to stay indoors, locked away for fear that they’ll be scared by all of the comings and goings, or want to run out and play with all of the children.

Of course, some dog owners (and you know who you are) believe that their dogs should be as involved in Halloween as anybody else and insist on dressing their dogs in Halloween costumes. With the dog clothes market growing every year (mostly in America it has to be said) Halloween costumes for dogs are now available in many different styles and sizes.

Here are some of our favourite Halloween costumes for dogs that we’ve seen this year. Let us know too if you’ve dressed your dog in fancy dress, either for Halloween or just for fun.


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