Happy birthday for world’s oldest dog at 26

worldsoldestdogIf you were to hazard a guess at the age of the world’s oldest dog, it is likely you might guess at early 20’s and indeed, until recently it was thought that the world’s oldest dog at the moment was a 21 year old daschund-cross living in New York but that title has been challenged by the owner of Max, a terrier-cross who celebrates his 26th birthday today.

Max, pictured here courtesy of the Metro, is 182 in dog years and lives with his owner, Janelle Derouen in New Iberia in Louisiana.  Ms Derouen said:

“I never spoiled Max.  We don’t give him food from our table and he doesn’t have any fancy toys, just a bit of rope and a regular squeaky ball.”

She thinks Max has lived this long because he is very laidback.  Max is now awaiting the Guinness Book of Records to confirm his title.


  • From: Eric Shackle, 8 Kourung St., Ettalong 2257, New South Wales, Australia. Phone 612-4342-3280.

    Greetings from Sydney, Australia.

    I’m sorry to rain on your picnic, but Max is NOT the world’s oldest dog. A poodle named Taffy Gayle, in Jasper, Alabama (USA) is a year older.

    Owned by Brenda and Barney Harvill, Taffy Gayle is blind, deaf and missing most of her teeth. She has been the couple’s baby since they could never have children of their own.

    Taffy Gayle was born on Sep. 22, 1982… The puppy was given Brenda’s middle name, Gayle, when she was registered with the American Kennel Club.

    Brenda likes to buy infant clothing at the thrift store and play dress-up with her. The little dog’s wardrobe includes T-shirts, sweaters and a pink party dress.

    Taffy Gayle is fed Vienna sausages as a treat. She also eats potted meat, stewed chicken and minced meat..

    On her birthday, Taffy Gayle gets her own little cupcake with a candle on it and wears her party dress.

    The latest story on the subject has been posted at http://tinyurl.com/ndu5oj

    OhmyNewsInternational has published a story about the world’s oldest-ever dog, an Australian sheepdog which lived for 29 years, five months and seven days. See tinyurl.com/cpvx7n

    Cheers, Eric.

    [Eric Shackle is a retired Australian journalist whose hobby is searching the Internet and writing about it. He is copy editor of Anu Garg’s Seattle-based A Word A Day http://wordsmith.org newsletter, which is e-mailed five days a week to more than 750,000 wordlovers in 200 countries.He writes regularly for Britain’s daily literary webzine Open Writing, http://www.openwriting.com/archives/eric_shackle_writes/ the Australian monthly webzine Bonzer! http://www.bonzer.org.au/ and the South Korean citizen reporters’ journal OhmyNewsInternational http://tinyurl.com/4uxd8d Eric’s blog, LifeBeginsAt80, is posted at http://lifebeginsat80.blogspot.com/ ]

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