Happy Valentine’s Day

valentine dogIf your dog could wish you a happy Valentine’s Day, then no doubt he or she would but to your dog, today is no different than any other day and he loves you just as much as every other day.

A dog has been called ‘man’s best friend’ in the western world for what seems like forever – although of course it also means ‘woman’s best friend’. There are hundreds of millions of dogs across the world and they perform roles including the traditional herding, hunting and protection but also modern roles such as helping the handicapped.

Even if your dog doesn’t perform any of these roles for you, no doubt he is loyal and accepts you without question. Dogs ask nothing more than a place to sleep, water and some tasty food. When you treat a dog right and share your love with him, you are your dog’s whole world.

So this Valentine’s Day, be sure to give your dog a big hug and a walk – and he’ll love you plenty!