Harry Potter star and dog dress up for Halloween

Actor Tom Felton and his pet pooch returned to the star’s Harry Potter roots for Halloween this year.

Felton, 34, shared a number of snaps of himself dressed up as Harry Potter himself for his Halloween celebrations on Instagram. Instead of the silver and green fans are used to seeing Felton dressed in as character Draco Malfoy, the star wore a Gryffindor cloak and tie, a pair of rounded glasses and a drawn-on lightning bolt scar on his forehead. Fans were thrilled to also see that the actor had dressed his dog in a Gryffindor scarf.

Felton’s Black Labrador Willow is a hit with fans on Instagram. The Harry Potter actor frequently shares snaps of her, including many of when she was a puppy. He has celebrated her birthday with fans in the past by showing pictures of how much she has grown, and he’s also shared some cheekier photos of the pup having ripped her toys to shreds.

Showing his disloyalty to Slytherin, the house of his character, one fan alluded to Malfoy’s famous catchphrase, writing that his father will hear about this. Many others light-heartedly commented that they were feeling betrayed after seeing Felton in the Gryffindor outfit.

Felton has often been snapped dressing up standing in front of Harry Potter shops, or telling Harry Potter-themed jokes. He has frequently dressed up as Draco for past Halloween celebrations, so this year was a real exception.