Have a little patience with your new puppy

When you are teaching new puppy new behaviour skills they should be carried out every day and with a huge amount of patience.

Ideally keeping your training short is better than expecting your puppy to have a long memory.  Short sessions stop boredom setting in; three minutes is about the time a puppy can focus on what is expected of him. Training for three minutes and then a leisurely walk or playtime will help him to associate expectations and good times.

You and your pet will bond together with the daily sessions and it gives you both a sense of achievement.

However much you have fun and train you must always finish each command or fun time with praise or a small treat as a reward, so finish when he’s doing well.  Your puppy will wait and want to know that he or she has pleased you even if there are a few mishaps.

Once simple commands like ‘sit’ or ‘get into your basket’ become familiar then you can move on, remembering not to expect too much at all until he feels comfortable with what you expect of him.

Do not at any time smack your puppy or shout at him. You will upset everything you have achieved and your puppy’s confidence in you and he will be shattered.