Healthcare for a new puppy

puppy receiving vaccinationWhen you bring home a new puppy your life is going to change.

This bundle of fluff, with its appealing eyes, is going to be nervous after being plucked from his mother by a stranger and will be hoping you are going to take good care of him, and look after his health.

Whether or not this is the first time you have owned a puppy, there are a few things to get into perspective to ensure your new puppy has the best start in life. Healthcare for your pet starts with his first visit to a local vet.

A vet will take his details and examine your puppy from head to paw to ensure he is healthy and ready for his first puppy vaccination. A puppy that is considered to be in good health, and over six weeks of age, can have his first vaccination. At ten weeks of age he will require a second vaccination.

It is important that you do not allow your puppy out onto pavements, or take him for a walk, until one week after his second vaccination.

The vaccinations given to your puppy are to build up his immune system and protect him against Leptospirosis, Hepatitis, Distemper, the Parvo-virus and Parainfluenza.

The vaccinations are important as Parvo-viral enteritis is deadly enough to kill a puppy.

If you are going to take your puppy to puppy classes, or leave him in kennels, you need to have him vaccinated for Kennel cough.