Healthy eating for senior dogs

When you buy your puppy you start their diet gently, finding out their likes and dislikes. Doggie adulthood creeps up and before you know it your loveable pet has become a senior citizen all too quickly.

When dogs get older their owners are always asking questions about the changes to their diet. Hopefully some of the questions will be answered below.

Chicken is the protein that is most digestible for dogs and promotes good health. We are not talking about a chicken meal, but instead the boneless chicken as it has more nutrition.

Make sure you change their biscuits to good quality ones that are high in nutrients and will look after the liver.

Change the dog bowls or feeders to head height as there is a tendency at this time in their lives to develop arthritis in their joints. Raised up feeders also help dogs with their digestive problems.

Bacteria can be a problem with senior dogs so be extra careful in making sure the bowls they eat out of are clean. Always have fresh water available.

Note: If your senior dog is suffering from joint or bone abnormalities then consult a vet practitioner as there are numerous ways to help bring relief and they can continue to enjoy life to the full.