Hearing Dogs for Deaf People receive boost from Altrincham company

Hearing Dogs for Deaf People will benefit from Deaf Awareness Week thanks to a local Altrincham retailer.

The Hearing Company, at Scrivens Opticians in Altrincham has stated that for every hearing aid sold during Deaf Awareness Week (4th May – 10th May) it will donate £25 to the charity.

Sefton Marks, branch manager, said: “Together we hope to collect as much money as possible to put towards the cost of training new hearing dogs and helping deaf people gain greater independence.”

Only a few weeks ago, we wrote about how the Hearing Dogs for Deaf People need more support and we’re pleased to hear they’re getting it. Any action such as this which raises the profile of the charity should be applauded.

Hearing Dogs for Deaf People first began in 1982 and it has placed over 1,500 hearing dogs. Hearing dogs bring sounds to the attention of deaf people through touch, using their paw to get their attention. When a sound is one alerting danger, such as a fire bell or smoke alarm, the dogs will alert their owner and then lie down to indicate the danger.

The major donor manager for the charity, Alice Paine said:

“Deafness can be a very isolating and lonely disability. Hearing dogs have a hugely positive effect through providing increased confidence, companionship and a feeling of security. Training each dog is a lengthy process that costs thousands of pounds and we are very grateful to Scrivens and the Hearing Company for their support.”


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