Heartless thief steals sick dog from RSPCA

A dog with an illness threatening his life has been taken from a Coventry dog shelter.

A man masquerading as a potential owner for Chippy, a mixed breed Mastiff, took him last week from the RSPCA situated on Coundon Wedge Drive around mid-day.

He requested that he take Chippy for a walk, and left a bike and a set of keys as security. However, he disappeared with the sick dog.

18-month-old Chippy was taken by the RSPCA when they found him with an ill-fitting collar, causing severe injury to his neck, and was microchipped and neutered. Following a medical examination, Chippy was found to be suffering from a rare blood disorder which could potentially threaten his life.

The thief is described as being in his early twenties, has blue eyes, brown hair and a pockmarked complexion. He is 5’ 7” tall, and has tattoos on his neck and hands. He was wearing a navy blue or grey cap and a grey tracksuit.

Glenn Mayoll, manager for the centre, said that his staff were “gobsmacked”. The normal procedures for assessing the suitability for someone wishing to re-house a dog were adhered to, including asking the unknown man if he had previous experience in keeping and looking after dogs. In order to make his act even more convincing, he even told RSPCA staff that he would bring his other pet dog to the centre to met Chippy to see how they got on.

Kennel supervisor Jennie Hamlet said:

“All we want is to have Chippy back in our care so we can find him a loving home where we know he will be ok. We are really worried due the type of dog he is that he may well fall into the wrong hands which would be devastating for all of us.

“We are appealing for anyone who may have any information to get in touch.

“All the centre staff have clubbed together to form a small cash reward to anyone who gives us the information leading to the safe return of Chippy.”


  • I think the first thing that needs to be addressed here is the whole security of the shelter. The potential adopter should register first with ID to show their true address. The adopter should then receive a home visit before even touching the dog let alone taking it for a walk. After a successful home visit the adopter should be able to walk the dog on the shelter grounds only. I think the Manager should be severly reprimanded for this – its disgusting. Its like a person trying to adopt a child and being allowed to take it out because they left their coat with the home for security.

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