Help for Attention seeking dogs

Once you have started to train your puppy or dog and you have built up the relationship between you so that you are receiving eye contact easily, it is time to move on to the next step.

A dog can require the feeling of being safe, even when their owner is around, so that he feels secure even when that person is not in the same room. Otherwise your dog may start to follow you through the house, from room to room.

If your dog is used to your routine before you go out to work, it is time to start varying the routine so that your pet is not at the door waiting and hoping you are going to take him out.

He or she needs to feel safe when you are leaving, knowing that you have the intention of coming home again.


  • Try wearing a different coat or go out of a different door.
  • Pick up your keys at the last minute or try picking up keys and then putting them down again.
  • When going out and coming back in, do not make a big fuss about it so that your dog will not look at the fact that you are going out as a big deal and demand attention.
  • If your dog is a barker than ignore him by turning around and going out or go upstairs until he stops.