Hermaphrodite dog hopes for a new owner

An unfortunate dog that possessed both male and female organs has undergone an operation in an attempt to increase her chances of finding a new owner.

Georgie, a Staffordshire bull terrier cross, was born a hermaphrodite – in other words, having both male and female reproductive organs. Her rare condition meant that finding a new home for her was tough, according to Manchester Dog’s Home.

Manager of the home, Lisa Graham, commented:

“Georgie received a lot of interest but when people found out she had both male and female organs they backed away.”

Now, Georgie has had her male parts removed in an operation paid for by the home, which is located in Harpurhey, but the operation took place sooner than they anticipated.

They advised potential owners that they would fund the operation once she was comfortable in a new home,

Mrs Graham explained:

“We told people we were happy to fund it but they still weren’t interested. She is a very soft and sweet dog and would make a lovely pet.”

Of all the cases of hermaphroditism in dogs, it is estimated that only a quarter are true hermaphrodites like Georgie. Sometimes, the physical features of the condition are not immediately obvious – on many occasions, the dog is never diagnosed and lives a life with few associated problems.

Thankfully, Georgie is well on the road to recovery after her operation.

Hermaphrodite dogs, especially cross breed ones, are incredibly rare – the veterinarian surgeon who performed the procedure, Mike Venables, said that he had only ever seen one other similar case in over 30 years of practising.