Hero dog helps with the Crufts dog show preparations

As Crufts 2013 rapidly approaches, a dog named Brin with an amazing gift for sniffing out danger is one of six to have made it to the final of the Friends for Life competition.

The winner will be announced at the dog show, taking place March 7 – 10, and £1,500 will be awarded to the winner’s chosen charity. Each finalist has got to where they are because they showed outstanding bravery and the other five dogs accompanying Brin to the show are Janus, Ziggy, Max, Haatchi and Daisy.

Brin is a special and perhaps heroic dog, because when he was extricated from a Helmand base in 2010, he started to amaze soldiers with his strong senses. As a Koochee Tiger mixed breed, Brin not only looks different to other dogs but he also acts differently and has used his talents to help many soldiers in the British Army. This dog of war is able to smell out danger from miles away and, when he embarked on a patrol in Helmand, he detected a concealed bomb, resulting in two soldiers’ lives being saved.

Although Brin was targeted and seized by the Taliban shortly afterward, the Afghanistan Special Forces launched a mission over a year later and the dog was returned to the British Army soldiers.

Today, Brin’s new owner, Sally Baldwin from East Sussex, makes sure that he is still making a difference to people’s lives. Speaking about her companion, Baldwin says:

“Despite being left starving and abandoned, he found new humans to love and saved the soldiers’ lives.”

Currently, he is touring the country and is assisting with fundraising projects to help with the Afghanistan shelter.