Hero dog to be awarded for saving young owner’s life

People will soon gather at the House of Lords to watch a dog from Essex receive an award for his courageous behaviour.

Geo, a German Shepherd-Collie cross, will accept a prize from the International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW), which is one of the largest conservation charities in the world. The award will be given to recognise the dog’s bravery after he saved a boy’s life last year.

In November, Geo shielded his young owner from harm when he was just seven months old. As a runaway lorry sped in the direction of 10-year-old Charlie Riley, the dog ran in front of the child and felt the full force of the collision. Had Geo not ran in front of Charlie, the young boy could have lost his life.

Following the incident, Geo was treated for horrendous injuries. His owners, who currently reside in Clacton-on-Sea, paid almost £8,000 in veterinary bills to treat his wounds. Despite the seriousness of the injuries, putting him to rest was never an option for the family.

IFAW projects take place in more than 40 countries around the world. The team comprises policy experts, campaigners, veterinarians, rescue workers, educators and scientists. Hands-on projects are put together to benefit people and animals, such as dogs, cats, livestock and wildlife.

The group aims to stop the trade and commercial exploitation of animals through offering grants and campaigns to a wide range of organisations. More information about the IFAW can be found on the group’s official website.