Hero pup saves heart attack Gran

A grandmother has credited her pup with saving her life after she was struck by a heart attack.

Gwen Risby, 76, of Norwich, collapsed at home after a massive cardiac arrest. Sensing that something was wrong, her 16 week old pup Candy, a Shih Tzu / Jack Russell cross, managed to revive her.

Mrs Risby came to as her pet pawed and scratched at her, and somehow found the strength to make a phone call to her daughter. She said:

“I definitely owe my life to Candy.”

“She was absolutely brilliant. She was so young but she had the sense to bring me round just enough to make a phone call.”

“I was scratched and bleeding but I didn’t really care. Candy just sensed that there was something wrong. Without her I would not be here because no one would have known.”

Critically ill, she was rushed to Norwich University Hospital and was hooked up to life support. thankfully, she recovered fully and was reunited with Candy.

It has long been thought by some that dogs have an spooky sixth sense when it comes to their owners being in danger.

Jenny Smedley, author of several animal books, thinks that dogs are ‘in tune’ with humans, and know when things go awry. She said:

“In the case of the heart attack victim, the dog did not understand what her owner was experiencing but she did sense that her energy had become dangerously low and this would have given the puppy the urge to try to revive her.”