Heroics of 12-stone dog to be showcased

David Pugh, founder of the charity Newfound Friends, has been training various rescue dogs to assist with its fundraising. One of these dogs is Whizz, who is named as the world’s best rescue dog. Whizz weighs a staggering 12 stone and stands tall at six feet. This Newfoundland dog is able to save many lives on a daily basis thanks to his rigorous training schedule and, of course, because of the fact that Newfoundlands are strongly built.

This special dog is capable of saving up to 12 people at a time with his marine rescue skills and it is this talent that sees hundreds of people gather around the south coast on a regular basis to watch him in action. The Royal Navy Reservists’ Swansea Rescue Team is where Whizz is based and his training takes place in the British Channel, along with many other rescue dogs. Whizz’s owner David, who is a successful businessman from Somerset, said:

“When you tell people a dog can rescue a dozen people they don’t believe you – that’s why they come and see it.”

Because so many people savour watching the rescue dogs in action, Mr. Pugh has managed to make some money from the dogs as a way of gathering funds together for ill children. More than £750,000 has already been raised from Newfound Friends and the funds have been awarded to such charities as the Bristol Children’s Hospital and CLIC.

The Bristol Harbourside Festival is an annual event where the rescue dogs, including Whizz, show off their abilities with a 40-minute performance, which may be of interest to anyone near Prince Street in Bristol on July 21 and 22.