Holidays – leaving your dog behind

During the summer months, your thoughts probably turn to getting away and spending a few weeks in the sun abroad. If you have a dog, you can sometimes feel tied to holidaying in the country so that you are able to take your pet with you, and you may be particularly reluctant to leave your dog in kennels for one reason or another. However, if you do wish to go abroad it is certainly possible to find alternative care for your dog and ensure that your mind is at rest whilst you are away.

You will probably feel most comfortable with leaving your dog or puppy with friends and family. If your pet is familiar with family or friends, your dog will feel more comfortable with people that it knows well and you will be able to enjoy your holiday more with this peace of mind.

lonely dog

If you do not have a friend or family member to take your pet and are considering a pet sitter, then ensure that you refer to the National Association of Registered Pet sitters to find someone reliable. Finding someone who has been registered will give you peace of mind but you must also do your own research by meeting the pet sitter before going on holiday and checking references and your dog insurance.

Whoever you leave your pet with you need to ensure that the dog is left with familiar toys for comfort, and that whoever is caring for your dog is left with the appropriate contact details for your vet.


  • When we leave our dog behind we leave only leave her with someone that we trust. Usually this will be either my mum or dad or my wifes mum and dad.

    This year though we have decided we are going to take her away with us on holiday to Scotland. There are so many dog friendly holidays these days we thought it might be nice to take her.

    I really think your post has given out some sound information that people should use if they are leaving their dog for any reason.

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