Holistic and herbal remedies for your puppy

There is much more that you, as the owner of a puppy, can do to maintain their health. Holistic veterinary surgeons are growing in numbers and they treat their clients in the traditional way, using alternative therapies methods as an enhancement to healing.

There are spa treatments, herbal remedies, dental collars, and even roman candles all designed to retain your puppy’s good health.

Over the counter products are available for your puppy with advice on how to use them to good effect.

Herbal remedies such as Lavender can help a nervous puppy to calm down and this is helpful if your puppy does not like being left alone at night. Add a couple of drops of the essential oil on to an article of your clothing and leave with the puppy in its basket.

In the summer, if you have any insects bothering your puppy, Lavender oil will repel them.

There are some candles which have Lavender essential oil as part of the ingredient. If you are using them, make sure the flame is not near your puppy.


Check out your nearest holistic veterinary surgeon and ask their advice.

Do not use essential oils near your puppy’s eyes.


  • Just ordered some Lavender essential oil from Culpeper and will put it to the test on my labrador puppy – she’s keeping us awake at night! The vet hasn’t been much help so I’ll give it a try.

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