Holistic healing for puppies

When you take your puppy to see your local vet, check if they are one of the new breed of vets who treat their animals with both standard pet and holistic methods.

Treating your puppy or any animal with both methods can only be described as a positive way of your dog receiving good health care.

In the years gone by, most veterinary surgeons would treat your puppy with creams and antibiotics without knowing the actual cause of the illness.

A vet would ask to see your puppy if the symptoms do not reduce. This would mean your puppy might not be seen again for a few months and the same illness may reoccur and the same medication could be given again.

Nowadays most vets will try to establish the reason why your puppy is ill, which is more holistic approach. The vet may ask about the food your puppy is eating and his home life to see if there is a link to the puppy’s illness.

Sometimes it can simply be a change of pet food needed, perhaps it is causing diarrhoea or the dog is having too many puppy treats. A course of vitamins could be the answer before antibiotics are given to a puppy.

More and more owners are searching for effective ways to keep their puppies in good health from the day they bring their new family member home.