Hollywood actress finds lost dog

A woman in Albany who was frantic after losing her dog went on a search – only to find that the pooch had been found by Hollywood actress Hilary Swank.

Chelsea Blackwell searched for her missing Dachshund, called Blue, for over an hour before accidentally coming across a movie crew. Blackwell had noticed that her beloved pet of 15 years was missing and desperately drove around town searching for him. What she thought was a police incident that she had stumbled upon at a bus station turned out to be a filming crew. She began asking various people if they had seen a small brown dog and, unbelievably, someone quickly told her that the dog had been found by a celebrity.

A short while later, a car pulled up to where Blackwell was waiting, and to her amazement, she saw Blue sat on the lap of Million Dollar Baby superstar Swank. A well-known lover of dogs, Swank suggested that the three of them have a photograph when Blackwell asked for an autograph.

Wanting to make sure Swank got the credit she deserved for finding and returning Blue to her, Blackwell posted the picture on Facebook, and the post got a lot of attention. It turns out that the cheeky pup had managed to get lost after escaping from the garden with Blackwell’s other dog, Ladybug. Ladybug quickly returned to the house, but Blue did not.

Swank has adopted a number of dogs in the past and has also established Hilaroo – a foundation that matches abandoned dogs with vulnerable children.