Homer the dog survives train accident


Homer the Labrador survived a train accident in true ‘Heroes’ style recently, when it appears the Train ran him over, but he somehow survived as the wound cauterised itself from the heat of the train.

Homer, from Wiltshire, disappeared one day when he was out walking with his owner, Ray Bratton. Ray couldn’t find Homer for three days, until he came across him near a railway line. Homer had a wound that stretched from his stomach to his backbone, having clearing been run over by the train.

Ray Bratton said about his shocking discovery:

He had collapsed in a heap in the field.

He had a horrific wound on his side but it didn’t appear as if it had been bleeding.

He was obviously very weak – so we came home, got a basket and rushed back up again.

We managed to roll him into the basket and took him straight to the vets’ and they did some emergency work on him and put him on a drip for 24 hours.

They then did a rather long operation, stitched him up and here he is now a couple of weeks afterwards and he seems fine.

Just how the dog survived the accident isn’t clear, but Ray has his own ideas on that one.

It’s a miracle really.

We’ve worked it out – he seems to have been hit by the wheel of a train, which would be hot and it sealed the injury.

I am totally convinced that if it hadn’t sealed like that, he’d have bled to death because the injury was horrendous.

Homer must be one of the luckiest dogs alive.