Homes sought for puppies in Devon

Homes are being sought in Devon to give some German Shepherd puppies foster homes. It is hoped that the dogs will one day train to become police dogs. The police are looking to take the dogs in a year’s time, and need to find people to look after the puppies for the next twelve months.

The scheme is called the ‘Puppy Development Scheme’ and its aim is to provide the dogs with homes so that can socialise with humans in order to turn them into better police dogs in the future.

Once the year is up the police force will take the puppies back, where they’ll be assessed on their potential to become police dogs. The police are looking for homes that have locked gardens, and ideally homes that don’t already have dogs.

Sergeant Paul Glennon stated:

The aim of the Puppy Development Scheme is to prepare the puppy for life as a confident and social police dog.

All the puppies that come to us are very adorable and I am sure they will bring much enjoyment over 12 months.

The force will provide dog food and pay any veterinary costs incurred so all that we require of carers is that the puppies get sufficient exercise and regular grooming.

If you think you could give a home to a puppy for a year, you should get in touch with the dog training school for Devon and Cornwall.