Honda unveil car with dog bed in the boot

Honda with dog bedThe Americans are well known for their love of dogs, and the Japanese are well known for their love of exploiting the Americans’ love of pretty much anything if they can make money from it. Therefore, car manufacturer Honda has come up with a new model that is aimed at America’s army of dog lovers. The new Honda model has a dog bed in the boot, a fitted dog water bowl and even a ramp to help smaller dogs, or not so agile dogs, enter the car easily.

Honda unveiled the new dog friendly car at the New York motor show, with the help of Sammy, a rescue dog. The dog friendly car is a variation on Honda’s Element utility vehicle.

According to Honda the vehicle will be available in the USA later this year, though no word has been released yet as to whether the car will be available in the UK or not.

James Jenkins is the senior product manager on the new Honda car. He claims that dog lovers in the US spend around $41 billion on their animals, which is expected to increase to $52 over the next two years. He added:

Pets have become more like family, more important to households than ever before.

The standard model of the Honda Element costs $20,000, and no price has been mentioned for the dogged up version.