House rules for your puppy

There are so many puppies that are in charge of their house form the minute they step into their home. You need to remember that it is your house and you have to set the rules; after all you are the one who pays all the bills, buys the dog food and cleans the house.

Setting house rules for your puppy will give him guide lines on how to behave and he will feel part of the family. Bad behaviour is unacceptable and your friends will start keeping away if your puppy is out of control, jumping up at them when they arrive.

It takes time and patience to teach your puppy and there will be mistakes but you have to realise it has to be consistent so there’s no confusion.

Place a list of rules on the fridge for the rest of the family to see what commands are required for different situations such as ‘off’ if the puppy tries to get on to the settee.

If your family keeps to the rules the puppy will not be confused, and will become more obedient.

Puppy cuddles are allowed but on the floor or when has done something good.


If you have a dog breed that grows into a large dog and sheds hair then consider that the hair will be all over your house.

A large dog would be a health hazard to you in the kitchen so have the basket in the living room.