Housetraining puppies

Most sensible potential dog owners will do their research before deciding to buy a puppy. Not only the temperament of the breed and the dog breeders you are considering buying from, but also the costs involved in keeping a dog and, above all else, the long term commitment you are making are things that need to be considered.

However, you also need to consider the impact that housetraining a puppy will have on your life in the short term. Puppy training starts as soon as you bring your new addition home and it cannot be underestimated how long it will take to train your puppy. House training a puppy to relieve itself outside is the first challenge without considering all the other mischief that puppies like to get up to in a new environment. This particular challenge will be the first of many time-consuming and repetitive techniques designed to train your puppy to get used to its new surroundings and keep your home and its contents intact!

Housetraining puppies

Having decided on a housebreaking ‘spot’ for your puppy, do not play with the puppy during this time until the puppy has relieved itself at the spot. The puppy needs to learn why it has been taken to the spot and not be distracted. When the puppy has finished, make sure you praise the puppy excitedly. Repeat these actions consistently every time – at the start of the process you will need to be eagle eyed and watch the puppy at all times to ensure that you catch them every time.